Sept. 12, 2021 until incl. April 24, 2022


The Exhibition The Unveiling. An introduction to a collection introduces the visitor of the MTVP Museum Domburg to important works from the European collection of paintings managed by the ICEAC, the International Centre for the Research and Documentation of European Artists’ Colonies in Domburg.

The exhibition will feature such diverse works as Pieter Oyens’ portrait of his brother David at the piano; Toorop’s impressive symbolist lithograph De Zaaier/The Sewer from 1895, from the collection of the painter, writer and art critic Grada Marius; oil paintings by Maurice Góth from De Panne and Domburg; an expressionist landscape by the Groningen painter Remko Watjer; a lee in the Domburg dunes by the Hungarian-Dutch painter Krisztián Horváth from 2009; and De Oostkerk in flaming light by Jac. Prince from 1969.

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