On December 16, 2023, about 130 people attended the atmospheric opening of the Photo Exhibition THERE THEY GO…!! Domburg Heads & Domburg Impressions.

After a welcome word from museum chairman Arnold van Houtum, museum curator Francisca van Vloten explained the exhibition, referring to the richness of Domburg’s history and the many stories that can be told about it and to the beauty of the surroundings, which in combination with the stories can so beautifully be rendered.
She thanked the people who helped her put together the exhibition: Chris Maas, Frits Jongepier, Peter Louwerse, Dominique de Haes and Renée van Vloten.

She also pointed out the ten colourful works of art created by 124 Domburg schoolchildren from the Primary School De Golfslag, which have been placed in the museum garden.

As a board member of the Foundation 800 Jaar Stad Domburg, Chris Maas then reflected on the ‘ordinary’ Domburgers who gave the Domburgse Koppen their faces and who now have a place in the museum, just as the museum has been given a place in the Domburg community.

The opening story was given by alderman René de Visser, who expressed his appreciation for the collaboration between the museum and the Foundation 800 Jaar and for the idea of ​​organising an exhibition of Domburg Heads and Domburg Impressions. He expressed the hope that many Domburgers will come to visit the exhibition. The hall then opened and the Headlines and Impressions were fully viewed and discussed.

It was a cold afternoon, but the hearts were warmed by the beautiful photos and stories and by the hot mulled wine which was served in the museum garden. Kudos to the wonderful museum team and our wonderful employees!