The colourful and atmospheric landscapes of the Belgian luminist Edmond Verstraeten (1870-1956) are the subject of the 2024 Summer Exhibition. Curator Francisca van Vloten had the free choice from the collection of the Kunstkring VZW Edmond Verstraeten and some associated private collections.

She focuses on the works that the artist made on his Den Dommel estate. There he lived in symbiosis with nature. Van Vloten also chose some works that he made during his many travels. Verstraeten was associated with, among others, the artists’ colonies Tervuren and Genk. The influence of Monet and Cézanne is clearly noticeable in his painting style and compositions. More about the exhibition soon in the press release.

Edmond Verstraeten, Onweerswolk-Zaaitijd/ Gewitterwolke-Aussaatzeit/ Thundercloud-Sowing time, 1953, olieverf op doek/ Öl auf Leinwand/ oil on canvas, 46 x 100 cm, VZW Edmond Verstraeten. Edmond Verstraeten, Boerderij/ Bauernhof/ Farm Van Damme, Sombeke, 1946, olieverf op doek/ Öl auf Leinwand/ oil on canvas, 120 x 150 cm, VZW Edmond Verstraeten.