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The Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum Domburg takes its name from the art collector, anthroposophist and agricultural pioneer Marie Tak van Poortvliet (1871-1936), who in the early twentieth century had a villa built in Domburg and spent many summers there in the company of the painter Jacoba van Heemskerck (1876-1923).

The Museum is a copy of the Exhibition Hall which was wrecked by wind and storms in 1921 and stood diagonally across from the Badpaviljoen. In 1994, the Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum opened its doors at the current location.

Seaside resorts seem naturally to attract artists. In Domburg this attraction was enhanced by the unsophisticated beauty of the surroundings, the special light along the coast and its reflection over the land of Walcheren. The whimsically shaped dune landscape, the always different-looking sea and the old forests that surround the village centre have inspired many poets, composers and writers, but also – and above all – painters. Around the turn of the last century, when the artist Jan Toorop (1858-1928) for the first time came to Domburg, people already began to talk about a ‘bathing season’ and an established ‘bath culture’.

Toorop and Mondriaan



Museum Domburg Foundation Board
  • Arnold van Houtum, president
  • Marcelle Immink, vice president
  • Jan Kaland, treasurer
  • Eveline Cleiren, secretary
  • Engeline Molkenboer, co-ordination volunteers
Museum Domburg Foundation Collection
  • Arnold van Houtum, president
  • Eveline Cleiren, secretary
  • Marcelle Immink, member
Museum Domburg Foundation Real Estate
  • Lein Labruijère, president
  • Arnold van Houtum, secretary
  • Jan Kaland, treasurer
  • René Molenaar, member
  • Francisca van Vloten, curator and policy advisor

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  • Jaap Bimmel
  • Hans Jansen
  • Marcelle Immink
  • Adri van de Velde


During the visit to the museum, an aspect of a painting or sculpture from the current exhibition is selected and discussed with the pupils. This can include: colour, shape, light, style or art movement. The aim is to learn to look at art and to understand art. A visit to the exhibition is concluded with a processing assignment appropriate to the target group.

We look forward to welcoming you and your school to our museum! Contact us at to schedule a visit.

The Culture Bus

The Marie Tak van Poortvliet museum is included on the cultural map of De Cultuurbus. This means that for transport to our museum, free bus transport is possible for all Zeeland schools for primary education, secondary education and VMBO. More information at


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